What to Grow in Aerogarden?

Are you fond of gardening and love growing your own vegetables? Well, it may not be easy to do so if you do not have enough space and time to do so. However, you need not worry – if you are constrained by space, the Aerogarden is an excellent option for your needs in growing plants and herbs that you can use for your cooking. 


So, what can you grow in an Aerogarden? What are the best plants to grow in Aerogarden? Let us try finding out.

Under typical conditions, the best plants that you can grow in an Aerogarden would include herbs, leafy greens, and flowers. This is only because they do not need a lot of root space and can grow together in a bunch. 

What Are The Best Plants to Grow In An Aerogarden?

There are several things that you can grow in an Aerogarden. Some specific cases or genres that you can grow in an Aerogarden would include vegetables, salad greens, herbs, and small fruits. 


Vegetables are one of the most common types of plants that can be grown in an Aerogarden relatively easily. In fact, several restaurants specifically install Aerogarden to help grow their own vegetables. Tomatoes and chilies are the most common veggies grown in an Aerogarden. 

You can also grow larger vegetables such as eggplants in an Aerogarden. Plants such as miniature cucumbers, mini watermelons, and strawberries can also be grown in an Aerogarden. 


Herbs are the most widely grown Aerogarden plants. The herbs are known to add more flavour and depth to your dishes. In fact, they are the best to grow in an Aerogarden as they can be grown all through the year. 

Herbs can be one of the excellent options for getting multiple harvests per year. Since herbs do not grow too big, they may be best and convenient when growing a plant in Aerogarden. 

Leafy Greens 

Among the leafy greens, kale and spinach are yet another excellent variety of plants that can be grown in an Aerogarden. They should be one of the prominent options for adding a significant boost to your cooking. 

Microgreens can be one of the most innovative options to grow in an Aerogarden. They are the greens in the seedling stage. These plants are known to offer a lot of nutrients and flavor to your dishes. They can grown in an Aerogarden along with your veggies

Salad Greens 

Another variety of plants that can effectively be grown in an Aerogarden would include the salad greens. These are yet another variety of plants grown in an Aerogarden that grow all through the year. 

If you love your salad on a hot summer day, your Aerogarden should be an excellent option to serve you with the best salad greens. A few nice picks for the best Aerogarden salad greens can include green and red lettuce leaves, Romaine, and Butterhead. 


And then, you have flowers. You can grow them on an Aerogarden with ease. Make sure that you have picked the right pod kits, and that should do it. A few of the most widely grown flowers in an Aerogarden would include English Cottage Flower and Mountain Meadows.

In fact, there are a few flowers that are consumed as food. You should be able to grow them easily enough in your Aerogarden. 

What You Should Not Grow In An Aerogarden?

Root vegetables such as Potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions cannot be grown in an aero garden. These plants require soil to grow to their full potential and, as such, should never be tried in an Aerogarden. 

With the seed kits available for almost every variety of plants, you should practically be able to grow, ideally, anything in an Aerogarden. However, there may be a few cases where you would find it impossible to grow a few specific vegetables. 

Some of the plants that I do not recommend growing in an Aerogarden would include:

  • Root vegetables like beets, potatoes, onions, and carrots. They need enough space to develop roots 
  • Cucumbers and snap peas. 
  • Full-size tomatoes 
  • Peppers 
  • Corn
  • Turnips
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Peas

Not that you cannot grow these plants in an Aerogarden at all. However, the time and money that you invest in these plants would never be worth it. 

Can You Grow Fruits In An Aerogarden? 

You can grow strawberries and cherry tomatoes in an Aerogarden. You can begin growing strawberries from seeds or crowns. 

Apart from the leafy greens and other vegetables, you can also grow a few small fruits in an Aerogarden. If you have the seed pod kits available, it should never be a challenging task to grow the fruits in an Aerogarden. Along with cherry tomatoes and strawberries, you should also be able to grow Charentais Melons in an Aerogarden.


If you are looking to grow the best fresh food all around the year, Aerogarden is the best option that you can rely upon. You do have several possibilities for growing your favorite vegetables with no hassles whatsoever. However, understanding which plants are best grown in an Aerogarden would provide you with a better understanding of the concept. 

The discussion above should have offered you a good insight into the best plants to grow in Aerogarden.



What plants are best in Aerogarden?

The best plants that you can grow in an Aerogarden would include 

  • Lettuce and Salad Greens 
  • Asian Greens.
  • Tatsoi.
  • Swiss Chard.
  • Basil
  • Dill.
  • Mint.
  • Curly Parsley or Flat Parsley.

What grows fastest in Aerogarden?

The easiest and best herbs that can be grown effortlessly in an Aerogarden would include the herbs. You can opt for annual herbs or perennial herbs as per your preferences. 

Can Aerogarden plants be potted?

Yes, you can quickly transfer the Aerogarden plants into pots. You can transplant the plant onto another Aerogarden or to the soil outdoors. You may also move it to the larger garden space. 

Does Aerogarden use soil?

Both Aerogarden and hydroponics use water instead of soil for growing plants. The water itself delivers the nutrients and oxygen to the plants. [/su_list]


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