10 Best Things To Grow In Aerogarden

If you are someone who has a passion for gardening and planting but has no garden or big balconies, then these Aerogardens are just perfect for a plant lover like you! This indoor and self-contained garden uses light and temperature control to grow plants.

When we talk about what kind of plants can you grow in the Aerogarden, let me tell you that you can grow any plants in this little wonder. From peas to celery, plant lovers can grow all kinds of plants, flowers, and vegetables in their Aerogarden. 

However, growing a few kinds of plants and vegetables is always recommended. In this article, I will tell you a few things which are the best things to grow in Aerogarden.

Best Plants To Grow In Aerogarden

From herbs to vegetables, aerogarden is a miraculous machine where you can grow anything that you like. The procedure for all plants is a little different. Nonetheless, there might be times when you think what can you grow in an aerogarden? Fret not! I’m here to help you with the best plants to grow in aerogarden.

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  • Blueberries: If you are someone who is super fond of this exotic fruit, and have a dream of growing it in your own garden someday. Well, we do have good news for you. You can now grow blueberries in your aerogarden. These fruits grow on shrubs and require a bit of space to grow. However, there is ample space in your aerogarden, for your blueberries to grow. Hence, Blueberries are one of the best things to grow in aerogarden.
  • Mint: Growing herbs are always a good idea, when it comes to what can you grow in an aerogarden? Mint is definitely one of the best herbs to grow in this indoor garden of yours as this has more than 20 different species of herbs and is super popular for its health benefits. People who use mint on an everyday basis, must grow these in their aerogarden, so that they can enjoy fresh, home-grown mint anytime.
  • Lettuce: What is the one vegetable that is most commonly used as salads and is most popular in the world. If you too are thinking about Lettuce, then aerogarden would be no less than a bliss for you. If you wish to know the best plants for aerogarden, then let me tell you, Lettuce is the best one, as it not only easy to grow them, but is also healthy to eat and harvesting it can be a gradual process. This means, that you can consume and keep on growing this vegetable for a long time.
  • Rosemary: Talking about what can you grow in an aerogarden, Rosemary is one herb that surely tops the charts. This is a herb which is grown to add it in food, as it gives a distinct and sumptuous smell and aroma to the food. So, if you are a fan of great fragrances, then rosemary is something that you should consider growing in your aerogarden. Moreover, the health benefits that this one provides are too much. Enriched with vitamin B6, and calcium, rosemary is commonly used in a variety of cuisines.
  • Strawberries: Strawberries are surely one of the best things to grow in aerogarden. This red fruit require a specific climatic and weather condition to grow, along with close monitoring. All of these are possible when you indulge in some aerogardening. Daily supervision and perfect climatic conditions help strawberries to grow quickly and it also makes them healthy.
  • Pepper: One common vegetable which people love to grow in their gardens is Pepper. Similar is the case with people who are into aerogardens. Pepper is also great to grow as this is used in many households to give the food a punch of flavour. The best part with this vegetable is that it grows in limited space, which is a plus point if you wish to grow it in an aerogarden.
  • Basil: When it comes to what can you grow in an aerogarden, we all want to grow plants which are easy and quick to grow. To your knowledge, Basil is one of those plants. Basil is used in dishes, tea, beverages, and what not. Now, you can grow your own basil and spice up your food and drunks with this home-grown basil which is grown super conveniently in your aerogarden.
  • Coriander: Growing herbs in the aerogarden has become extremely popular. Coriander, which is widely used in dishes is another herb that is healthy, useful, and super flavourful. Thus, this is one of the best herbs to grow in the aerogarden. Herbs like such need specific weather and light conditions which can be easily provided in an aerogarden.
  • Cucumbers: Most of us love cucumber, and all plant lovers lover the idea of growing cucumber in their gardens. People often say that home-grown cucumbers are even tastier than the store-bought ones. Think of it: cucumbers are free from preservatives and harmful chemicals and are organically grown at your home. Growing these cucumbers is super easy, and these do not need a lot of care and attention.
  • Tomatoes: Which is the one popular vegetable which is used in almost all dishes? We bet you said Tomato! Millions of people are planting tomatoes in their gardens. And now, you too can be one of them. Be it cherry tomato, baby tomato, or even a normal tomato; you can now grow all of it in your own aerogarden, which needs just a little time to grow and become ready to use.

How Long Do Plants Grow In An Aerogarden?

We all wish to know about the best plants to grow in aerogarden. But another thing about it is how long do plants grow in an aerogarden? Well, this depends on tons of factors.

Firstly, what you are growing in the aerogarden becomes the most important factor. It is said that the vegetable seed pods last the longest, whereas the herbs take the longest time. 

The longevity wholly solely depends on how you care for them. If taken proper care of, they could also last for a whole year.


The aerogarden is a smart and intelligent way of planting vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants inside your home. This is especially beneficial for people who live in small homes with no garden and yet want to indulge themselves in planting. Most people who have aerogardens or are considering these wish to know the best plants for aerogarden. We hope that your question about what can you grow in an aerogarden is answered in this post.

Happy Planting!


Nikita is a Succulent lover. She really enjoys planting and nourishing them. She loves to share information about various Succulents on this blog to aware people more about these awesome plants.

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