Aerogarden vs Click and Grow (Head to Head Comparison)

Imagine a situation where you are looking to start growing your vegetables. The best option that can be helpful in this context is to choose between aerogarden and click and grow. So, what to choose between Aerogarden and Click and Grow? Let us explore the best choices you can opt for in this regard. 

Aerogarden and Click and Grow are the two concepts that you would want to explore for indoor garden applications. The unique features that these methods offer ideally make it something that you find quite interesting. 

If you have to choose between Aerogarden and Click and Grow options, some Aerogarden models offer you an affordable option when compared to the entry-level Click and Grow options. The Click and Grow gardens tend to be easier to work with, while the Aerogarden option offers you a host of advanced features. Aerogarden may use more power, but it comes with brighter light along with a water pump. Essentially, both come with their own plus and minus points. 

My AeroGarden vs Click and Grow – A feature-wise comparison

Let us explore the differences between Aerogarden and Click and Grow gardens based on a few salient and important features. Please note that the features we would discuss here can be quite subjective in nature. 

Aerogarden vs Click and Grow

Cost of the system 

In terms of cost both Aerogarden and click and grow options can be quite equivalent. However, as you move upwards in terms of the size of the garden, the Aerogarden proves to be on the expensive side. But, then – Aerogarden would offer you more features than those on Click and Grow Gardens. The Click and Grow gardens prove to be smaller in size and do not have a control panel.  

Overall, you would find both Aerogarden and click-and-grow systems offering you a similar level of functionality. The Aerogarden is a great pick for those gardeners looking for feature-rich and all-in-one gardens. Click and Grow, on the other hand, is best suited for the rowers who want a less complicated and a compact garden system. 

Pod cost 

This is yet another point in which the Aerogarden and Click and Grow gardens stay on the same platform. If you are using 3 replacement pods, they would be similarly priced for both Aerogarden and click and grow systems. 

However, as you move ahead, the Aerogarden would come as quite cheaper. That would mean you can go with Aerogarden if you are buying in bulk. However, the  manufacturers are likely to change their pricing, and that could result in a change. 

Lighting System 

The light system on both Aerogarden and click and grow systems tend to be on the brighter side. A bright light is much needed if you are growing vegetables and herbs. However, make sure that the lights do not disturb you or your neighbors during night hours. 

The Click and Grow garden has an 8-watt LED lighting system. In contrast, the Aerogarden system has a lighting system with a 20 watt LED system. Even when both Aerogarden and Click and Grow systems are energy efficient, you may end up with consuming more energy with an Aerogarden. An Aerogarden will consume two to three times more power than the Click and grow system. 

Both Aerogarden and Click and Grow systems come with an automatic timer. This timer is a practical solution to schedule the light. The lighting of your garden can be scheduled for 16 hours, 8 hours, and so on. This would be a good idea to coordinate your day time. 


Which among Aerogarden and Click and Grow produce a better yield? It has been observed that Click and Grow can help you grow three plants at a time. It can thus be a great pick for some of the best herbs, but there may be better options if you have smaller vegetables like Tomatoes. 

The Aerogarden system can hold up to six plants at a time. This is twice as much as the Click and Grow system. That would mean that for a relatively similar price point, you would end up with a better yield with Aerogarden. 

Noise issues

An aerogaden is a type of hydroponics and thus it would require a water pump running all the time. This is required for the proper movement of water and the nutrients. Although it  is a small motor, it can create a lot of noise, especially at night. 

The Click and grow system does not require a water pump. It instead uses a passive wicking system. The system is completely silent and does not disturb your sleep at all. 

Watering system 

The watering system used in the case of an Aerogarden system involves a reservoir and a water pump. The water pump circulates the water at the base of the unit for supplying water to the roots of the plants. To prevent the water from becoming stagnant, the pump keeps working intermittently.

On the other hand, a Click and Grow system features a sizeable water tank, and the plants are watered automatically. The seed pods have a long wick at the bottom, drawing the water onto the roots. This is a passive process and has been observed to be an effective option in helping you work with the best possible functionality. 

The Click and Grow system tends to be quieter than the Aerogarden. There is less maintenance involved in this context. 


The Click and Grow system comes with the Smart Soil. The soil has the requisite fertilizers. The hydroponic system in the Aerogarden involves using a sponge packed and filled with Sphagnum Peat Moss. Both the systems are equally effective in providing the right quantity of water, nutrients, and oxygen for the plants for an effective and efficient growth. 

The Aerogarden, however, will need you to add another fertiliser to the water tank. Click and Grow system, however, works with an all-in-one system off soil. 

Control panel and connectivity 

The Click and Grow control panel has been known for its sleeker design. It comes with a red light which indicates when the water has to be added. The Aerogarden comes with a touchscreen display. This will include the backlit buttons which will alert you whenever water needs to be added. 

The Aerogarden also works with your home WiFi system and can be helpful in alerting you whenever fertiliser or water is required to be added. 

Maintenance and upkeep

Both Aerogarden and Click and Grow gardens are designed for low maintenance, but there needs to be more maintenance required for both of them. 

In my own experience, I had to water the Aerogarden almost every week. With the growth of the plants, the frequency of water was further increased to once every 5 days or so. In sharp contrast, the Click and Grow garden does not need that frequent watering once the plants have grown. This is primarily because the roots are already consisting of fertilizers. 

To understand the differences between Aerogarden and Click and Grow in a better manner, the following table should work best:

Feature AeroGarden Click and Grow
Design and Size Various models with different shapes, sizes, and materials Various models with varying designs, including rectangular and cylindrical shapes
Plant Pods Wide variety of plant pod options, including herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more Range of plant pod options, but the selection may vary depending on the model
Lighting LED lights with adjustable settings in some models LED lights with fixed settings in some models
Watering and Nutrient Delivery A recirculating system that pumps water and nutrients to plant roots Wicking system that draws water and nutrients up from a reservoir to plants
Smart Features Some models with Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app control Some models with app control and reminders
Price Wide range of options and price points It may be more budget-friendly in some cases
Replacement Parts and Pods Availability and cost may vary Availability and cost may vary
Benefits A larger variety of plant pod options, adjustable lighting settings, and Wi-Fi connectivity in some models Budget-friendly options and simple designs
Drawbacks Higher price range in some models Limited plant pod options and fixed lighting settings in some models

Pros and Cons of Aerogarden and Click and Grow Garden

Having compared the Aerogarden and Click and Grow on a feature by feature basis, here are a few of the Pros and Cons that both the smart garden systems offer you. 

Pros and Cons of Aerogarden system

  • Very easy and simple to use 
  • Customisable settings available 
  • Can provide you access to healthy plants 
  • Accommodates the taller plants 
  • Louder water pump
  • A higher price tag 
  • More power consumption 

Pros and Cons of the Click and Grow System

  • Portable design 
  • Does not need much work 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Provides healthy plants 
  • Not suitable for taller plants 
  • Refill or replacement pods are expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aerogarden better than Click and Grow?

The Click and Grow Garden come with a modern and sleek design. The Aerogarden, on the other hand looks quite mechanical in the outlook. However, you would find Aerogarden offering you more features than a Click and Grow garden. If aesthetics are important to you, it would be advisable to go with the Click and Grow Garden. 

Is AeroGarden overpriced?

Aerogarden is definitely an expensive option. The plants can grow too big unless you decide to prune them. That is an area where Aerogarden may not be interesting and a good option to go with. 

Can AeroGarden grow anything?

Yes, but for growing anything that you want with Aerogarden, you will need to buy an appropriate kit. The special kit comes with grow baskets, grow sponges, labels, domes, liquid plant food, and a Grow Anything Kit Guide.

The Concluding Thoughts

If you are looking for the best experience in terms of smart garden options,  both Aerogarden and Click Grow tend to offer you a similar level of performance. But, based on the comparison as outlined above, you would find that Aerogarden is best suited for experienced growers. In contrast, beginners would find the Click and Grow garden a better alternative. 

Either way, you would find the two smart garden options offering you an outstanding option for achieving better functionality. Choose the one that best meets your individual preferences. 


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