How to Prune Basil in Aerogarden?

If you are a fan of Aerogarden, Basil is perhaps the best herb that has created an enormous fan following among the Aerogarden experts. If you are looking for the best Mediterranean taste, Basil is perhaps the best that you can choose. Aerogarden is definitely the best option for growing a wide range of herbs, and Basil is one of the hot favourites among the Aerogarden enthusiasts. However, have you ever given thought to the ways to prune basil in Aerogarrden Evern wondered how to prune basil in Aerogarden? 

You should prune basil around once every three weeks. It is the best time to prune your basil whenever you see the new growth. Using clean gardening shears and scissors for pruning basil in Aerogarden is recommended. Simply cut the top cluster of leaves.

Why Prune Basil in Aerogarden?

Pruning basil is a critical step in cultivating basil in Aerogarden. Pruning is what helps you in getting a better yield from your herb. Pruning is helpful in keeping your plant healthy and keeps it growing well enough. The proper pruning will help in ensuring that the new shoots will get enough energy. 

Pruning can also be a good option to help keep the plant from getting overcrowded. This, in turn, will help you avoid the blocking light from the other smaller plants. 

The primary reasons why you should prune basil in Aerogarden include:

  • To help encourage new growth. When you prune the basil, you will remove the older leaves which have gone non-productive. This helps the plant to develop new leaves. 
  • To improve air circulation. Pruning lets open the plant, and this assists in better air circulation. This can help in avoiding the pest infestation. 
  • To maintain the shape of the plant. The plant may grow leggy and tall if you do not prune it regularly. Pruning helps in keeping it compact and bushy in nature.
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How to Prune Basil in Aerogarden?

Pruning the basil regularly and correctly is important for the proper growth and health of your basil. You will get a better yield of basil if you prune it regularly. Pruning the basil in an aerogarden is not very complicated. 

Never hesitate to prune basil in Aerogarden. It will help in keeping the plant bushy and in good health. 

Here is how you should prune basil in Aerogarden:

First pruning 

First prune is normally done when your basil has three sets of leaves. You should simply prune the top leaves. You would ideally witness two sets of leaves growing from the main stem just below the base of the top leaves. Use a pair of scissors or a small set of garden shears to prune the basil plant. Trim as much close as possible to the base – but make sure to avoid damaging the plant or the stem. 

Further pruning 

Repeat the procedure for every set of large leaves that have two new growths at the base. 

Prune the flowers 

Pruning the flowers will ensure that the plant uses all its energy for the growth of the leaves. 

Remove dead leaves or yellow leaves

You need not stress if you notice any dead leaves or the leaves that turn yellow. Prune them off from the plant. The dead leaves are likely to encourage mold or algae growth. That is why you should remove them as soon as you notice them. 

Avoid these mistakes when pruning basil 

Never prune any large leaves at the bottom of the plant. These leaves are necessary for providing the proper energy to the plant. Never prune any more than a third of the plant. 

A few tips in addition to what you need to do when pruning basil in Aerogarden include

  • Prune the plant in the morning. This gives the plant enough time to heal before the nightfall.
  • Never prune the basil in the summer when it is hottest 
  • Do not over prune. If you cut off too much of leaves, you will end up making the plant get stressed out. It may even fail to recover 
  • If you are unsure about how much to prune, stay on the less side. You can prune more later if needed.

What Are the Benefits of Pruning Basil in Aerogarden?

Pruning basil in Aerogarden offers a host of benefits. Some of the benefits that you stand to gain with a proper pruning of basil in Aerogarden would include:


  • Maximising the harvest: Pruning will help encourage the plant to grow properly and healthily. It also helps the plant in producing more leaves. 
  • Ensuring the growth of new shoots: Pruning will help the plant in focusing its energy on growing new shoots 
  • Preventing overcrowding: Pruning the basil helps avoid overcrowding 
  • Creating a busy appearance: Proper and regular pruning can help in producing a plant that has a bushy look.
  • Creating more leafy growth: Pruning encourages less stem growth and more leaf growth.

When to Prune Basil for the First Time?

Pruning the basil for the first time should be taken up when the plant is six inches tall. This is when your plant has around five to six sets of leaves. If you have grown a basil from the seed, you must wait until the plant is 8 to 12 inches tall. Pruning should be undertaken generally from 4 to 6 weeks after sprouting. 

After the first pruning, you should continue to trim and prune the basil every two to three weeks. This will help the plant to produce new shoots. This will further help in leading to more harvests. 

Flowers are a bad sign for your basil. If you notice any flower buds, make sure to prune them off immediately. Even when your pruning schedule is not yet up, and you notice flower buds appearing in between your two pruning schedules, make sure to nip off the flower buds immediately. 

The Closing Thoughts

Pruning the basil plant is an essential part of your care for basil plant in an Aerogarden. By following the proper pruning methods and schedule, you will be able to get the best possible experience in getting a bounty of basil harvest. With the proper pruning and care, your basil should be able to get the best possible treatment and thrive. 


Can I use regular kitchen scissors to prune my basil in the AeroGarden?

Yes, you can use the normal kitchen scissors to prune basil in Aerogarden as long as they are clean and not rusted. However, for better results, you should use garden shears for pruning. 

How often should I prune my basil in the AeroGarden?

You should ideally prune basil in Aerogarden once every week. If you are not able to do it, pruning at least once every two weeks is extremely recommended. 

Can I prune my basil too much?

Basil should ideally accept a fair amount of pruning. But if you do it too much, you may end up damaging the plant. It may get stressed out and ultimately fail to recover. Try maintaining a proper balance and make sure not to remove more than one-third of the plant. 

Can I use the pruned basil leaves right away in my recipes?

Yes, you can efficiently use the pruned basil in your recipes. They can be a good option to help in culinary creations. Make sure to wash them properly and use them in your dishes. 


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