How Does AeroGarden Work?

AeroGarden makes use of hydroponics and LED lights to grow plants which are being considered one of the fastest and simplest plant growing processes. It is observed that the plants grown in the AeroGarden grow up to 5-times faster than plants grown using traditional gardening methods.

If you are someone who loves planting and gardening, chances are the idea of growing vegetables with a gardening system that doesn’t need much space and uses LED lights and other technologies to grow plants will excite you to bits. Yes, we are talking about an AeroGarden. 

This new-age piece of technology can grow your plants and vegetables all year round, and that too, five times faster. This is just like a perfect indoor garden, but with attached pieces of technology that help your plants grow faster and healthier.

This aerogarden excites all people who love the idea of planting, as this minute and the compact gardening system has everything that a plant needs to grow. This self-contained piece of technology is creating hype between all plant lovers. But one question that remains unanswered is, how does aerogarden work?

Well, to answer this question, let’s understand what is an aerogarden.

What is an Aerogarden?

Looking at these magical creatures, we all think that how does Aerogarden work? But, to understand it, we first must exactly know what is an Aerogarden. Aerogardens, popularly known as magic gardens, are self-contained indoor gardens that have everything from lights to temperature controls. It basically has anything and everything that is needed for plants to grow. This portable device can be set up in the kitchen, in the living room, and even in your bedroom. With this new-age technology, plant lovers can grow fresh plants and vegetables from any part of your house. 

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Gone are the days when you needed a large garden area to plant vegetables and watch them grow. With this device, you can do it even from the smallest areas. The best part is this aerogarden does not even need soil to grow plants. 

In a nutshell, the basic parts that an aerogarden has, are LED lights, the growth deck and the base for water. Your model might even include some seed pods, plant food and grow domes. All of this purely depends on what model you are choosing for yourself.

How Does AeroGarden Work?

The aerogarden typically has 3 parts attached to it:

  • LED lights
  • Growth Deck
  • A Base for water

The LED lights are at the top and are attached to a light’s post. These LED lights are generally of 30 watts, and all maintain a perfect temperature needed for better plant growth. All LED lights are also different colored, providing the proper care for the plant to grow faster and healthier.

Next comes the growth deck; this is where you put your aerogarden organic pods. These are particularly little cups that contain the seed along with some plant food. These aerogrow pods act as the “sowing” part of traditional gardening. 

Lastly, there is the water base, which is fully automated and regulates the nutrients and water levels all by itself. There is no space for the soil because such a gardening system does not need any soil to function.

Basically, the aerogarden works on a hydroponic gardening system, which works with Hydroponics, wherein plants grow just with fertilizer and water. As long as the plant gets water, nutrients, and fertilizers, it will grow and grow much faster than the traditional method. The whole process is soilless, wherein the plants purely grow over water.

The system uses LED grow lights that provide the perfect balance of lights which create an ideal growing condition for the plants. These lights also keep the plant healthy and promote growth.

All in all, the grow deck is where you will put your plants, and the base bowl holds the water. The interesting part is that the dome is transparent and provides a cover for the seedling for when it sprouts. And there you will have it; a few days later, your plant will outgrow the dome, and it would be ready to be taken off.

The best part about the Aerogarden is that these come in different sizes that can fit in 3,6, and 9 pods at a time. 

How to Use An AeroGarden?

If you are also a newbie to this technology, here are a few steps of how you set it up. Note, that few of the steps could differ from model to model, but mostly, would remain the same.

  1. Use both hands, one should hold the base, and the other would lift up the light.
  2. Insert the aerogrow pods into the base of the unit.
  3. Insert the pump cord and set up the aerogarden pump settings according to the need of the plant.
  4. Plug your aerogarden and add some water. Generally, room temperature water is added to the aerogarden.
  5. Now is the step wherein you need to add the organic pods. Please refer to the instruction provided on the pod.
  6. Cover the sapling with the transparent dome to create a mini greenhouse for the plants.
  7. Add the plant food, refer to the amount to be added.
  8. Turn on the light as per the requirement.

And there you go! Your own Aerogarden is all set!

Benefits of Aerogardening

Many people just love gardening, but they do not have a large yard or garden to practice gardening and grow vegetables and plants in their backyard. For them, Aerogarden is nothing less than bliss. Here are a few advantages of this life-changing machine:

Aerogarden Allows You To Grow Vegetables, Herbs, And Plans for 12 Months, And 365 Days.

Since it works on an indoor model, people can now grow any plant at any time of the year. Generally, winters are the time where the atmosphere and environment takes a brutal toll on the plants. But, now fret not, because aerogarden can help you grow your plants indoor by saving them from the harsh weather conditions.

Plants Grown Through Aerogardening Are Healthier

The aerogarden works on a soilless formula; hence, it does not need any sort of pesticides. Therefore, the plants grown through an aerogarden are 100% pesticide-free. Therefore, that something that you are growing at your home is pure and organic.

Aerogardening Is Effortless

While one needs a lot of effort and time to take care of a real garden. Here, with aerogarderning, one does not need a lot of hours of the day. Minimal effort is required to grow the plants. You do not need to spend much time in their maintenance. All you have to do is water them frequently and provide them with plant food continually. I’m sure that wouldn’t take up more than a few minutes in a day.

Free of dirt and filth

We all know how messy gardening and planting can get. But, with aerogarden, you don’t have to bathe in the mud and sweat anymore, as this provides you a clean and effortless gardening experience.

You Don’t Need A Green Thumb And Plant Knowledge. 

We all have heard people say that gardening is not everyone’s cup of tea, simply because not everyone possesses excellent knowledge about plants and gardening. But, with an aerogarden, all beginners can even experiment with plantations and feed the hunger of planting something new. 

You Do Not Need A Lot Of Space For Gardening

With aerogarden, you do not need a whole backyard or a whole farm to grow your favorite plants, herbs, and vegetables. All you need is an Aerogarden machine and a tabletop, where you can keep it.


Now that you know how does aerogarden work, you might have understood the role of aerogrow pods and the various aerogarden pump settings. An aerogarden is a perfect invention for those who love gardening but do not have space and the time for it. Having so many benefits, this sure is a magical tool and a must-have for those who love to indulge into planting and gardening.


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