Where To A Buy Jade Plant? {Best Way to Find them Online!}

If you are looking to Buy a Jade Plant, and the question, where to buy it is bothering you much, then the simplest way to find is, go to Google.com and search for this “Where to Buy a Jade Plant” or just “Buy Jade Plant“, and you will see a lot of sellers online/offline will show up.

You can view them all, by clicking on each listing, and get their phone number or website, and enquire about the same, and you will be able to find the place to buy Jade Plant.

Jade plants are succulents with thick and woody stems and have oval-shaped leaves. The scientific name of the Jade plant or lucky plant is Crassula Ovata. The Jade plant is indigenous to various parts of South Africa and Mozambique. They have an average height of about three feet and have a beautiful tree-like appearance making them an appealing houseplant.  It is a very common houseplant all around the world. 

These plants thrive well in warm and dry climatic conditions. Its wide popularity is mainly due to the lesser care it needs for its growth. Plant lovers enjoy growing them in their homes and offices as it adds to the beauty of the place. They are believed to emit positive energy and bring good luck. Although it is very easy to take care of these plants, you must be careful to never let the roots remain wet for very long as the roots might start to rot. But of course, before you take care of the plant, you would have to buy it in the first place. 

The entire idea of buying a jade plant can be a tedious job as it requires you to think about a lot of aspects, such as from where to buy Jade plant? Whether there are jade plants for sale online or not. What are the pros and cons of buying jade plants online? 

Here in this article, we will be talking about all these aspects in detail.

What Does A Jade Plant Look Like?

Jade plants are evergreen plants having thick and smooth leaves, with a branched, compact, and bushy appearance. Leaves of these succulents have a rich jade color (hence the probable name- jade Plant). When exposed to high levels of sunlight, their leaves might form a tinge of red on their edges. The new stems of the plant that grow are usually green in color and have a deep brown hue as they mature. Growing as an upright and rounded shrub, the base of the plant is usually sparsely branched. The shoots of the plant are greenish-grey in color. As they mature, jade plants appear brownish in color. Jade plants have an average height of 2 feet and might grow up to 6 feet. On maturation, these plants usually produce pink or white star-shaped flowers.

Jade Plant

Now that you know what does a jade plant looks like, you would be able to identify one, next time you see a jade plant for sale online. 

Characteristics Of Jade Plant

The Jade plant is commonly known for its unique green color and the oval-shaped succulent leaves that emerge from its trunk. In its natural habitat of South Africa, the shrub can reach a height of twelve feet. However, in the Southwest desert, it normally grows to be four to six feet tall and compact and rounded. A crimson band runs around the margin of the smooth leaf on occasion. It blooms in clusters of star-shaped, fragrant ivory white to pinkish-white blossoms during the winter season. Bees, flies, beetles, and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

The jade plant thrives with aloes, euphorbia, and other succulent plants in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal valleys of South Africa. The leaves were traditionally boiled and used to treat diarrhea and other stomach disorders. It looks great in pots, elevated planters, and rock and cactus gardens. On porches and covered patios, it can also be utilized as an accent plant.

Therefore, next time whenever you see a huge jade plant for sale, you would be able to identify it by the various characteristics of the plant. 

Now that you know about the jade plant’s characteristics, you must be wanting to look for a jade plant for sale. However, before we tell you where to buy jade plant, let us also see what all varieties does this plant has? 

Varieties of Jade Plants

There are wide varieties of Jade plants available in the market that need almost the same care and environment to grow. We are listing a few of these varieties here: 

Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia

Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia produces white-pink flowers, and the plant has a usual height of 6cm. Its leaves are generally grayish-green in color. It is highly valued for its aesthetic appearance, and even plant lovers prefer it over other shrubs. It has a bonsai-like appearance, with waxy leaves that set it apart from other plants. It is also covered in leaves all around the year.

Crassula Argentea Gollum Variegata

Because of its leaves, the Crassula Argentea Gollum Variegata variation stands out because of the unusual combination of green, white, and pink that it offers. It produces small pinkish-white flowers and has cylindrical glossy green leaves. It thrives during the winter and autumn months and is regarded as a great addition to the beach gardens. When exposed to cold temperatures, dryness, and insufficient nutrition, its leaves change color.

Crassula Ovata Harbour Lights

Because of its distinctive red color, the Harbour Lights variation of Crassula Ovata can be easily identified. It’s a popular houseplant because of its unique hue. It has leaves that turn into a brilliant crimson color in the winter. During the autumn and early winter months, pinkish-white flowers bloom, giving the garden amazing. It’s thought to be perfect for decorating beach homes.

Crassula Ovata Pink

The Crassula Ovata Pink cultivar gets its name from its bushy appearance and the large quantity of small pink it produces each year. Under extremely dry conditions, the leaf develops a crimson flush. Small pink flowers appear on the plant’s tips throughout the early winter and late autumn months, filling the plant’s exterior. Over five years, it can reach a height of one meter.

Crassula Ovata

The Crassula Ovata, often known as the money tree, friendship plant, or Lucky Jade, is the most common type of Jade Plant. It’s the hardiest and fastest-growing plant of the Ovata varieties. During the winter, pinkish-white blooms appear on its tips, as they do on every Jade Plant, and the plant can grow up to the height of over 2 meters.

The characteristics of this plant look very similar to that of a succulent, so are jade plants succulents?

Are Jade Plants Succulents?

If you are confused and often find yourself questioning whether Jade Plants are succulents or not, let me settle your doubt and answer your question. Yes, Jade Plants are, in fact, succulents. Succulents grow in dry soil and store water in their leaves. Jade plants too have Fleshy, swollen leaves as they store water. Another point that makes Jade plants succulent is that they cannot survive in constantly moist soil. You have to provide well-drained soil for the plant to survive. 

Knowing the basic characteristics of this plant becomes extremely important if you are looking for your answer to where to buy the jade plant. 

Where To Buy A Jade Plant Online?

Jade plants are very popular among plant lovers, especially those who love to decorate their homes with indoor plants. Though originating from provinces of South Africa, Jade plants are widely available in all major plant markets around the world. You can also find a jade plant at your local nursery or plant breeders easily.

Almost everything is available online nowadays. Even plants are no exception to this. You can avail your favorite Jade succulent at online stores such as Amazon, Plantdrop, LazyFlora, Gertens, Walmart, etc. 

Jade Plants For Sale Online

Knowing the various characteristics, and features of a jade plant, you might want to look for Jade plant for sale. Here are some options for you, if you are searching for where to buy jade plant online – 

Dwarf Jade Indoor Bonsai by Brussel’s Bonsai

These plants originate in the dry regions of South Africa and require very little water. The plant comes with a plastic grower pot and soil. They are cultured in a greenhouse and if you are not satisfied the seller is providing a 30 days return policy. These come with the phytosanitary certificate from the USDA.

Sunset Jade Plant by Hirt’s Gardens

It is an easy to grow plant. The plant you will receive is packed in a four-inch pot along with the soil. It weighs about 9 Ounces.

Indoor Jade Succulent Plant in a 4″ Grow Pot by Shop Succulent store

You get a four-inch pot with the plant along with the soil. The plants are assured to be of the highest quality. The seller promises to return the plant if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

Crassula ovata ‘Jade Plant’ by Sprig and stone

You get a 2.25-inch pot with the plant along with the soil. The plants are assured to be of the highest quality. The seller promises to return the plant if you are not satisfied with the purchase

Hallmark Flowers Succulent Garden by Hallmark Flower store

You get a succulent flower garden with seven to eight pants of about 1-2 inches in height. These come in a ten-inch wooden trough with the soil. The seller promises to return the plant if you are not satisfied with the purchase

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Jade Plant Online

  1. Buying plants from online platforms is always a risky affair if you do not purchase from experienced and professional sellers. Before you buy your favorite indoor succulent online, you should keep the following points in mind
  2. Packaging live plants need proper experience and expertise which only trusted sellers can provide. So it is wiser to check with the seller’s website and go through customer’s reviews to get a fair idea about their services. 
  3. If you are new to gardening ask for guidance from the seller to avoid any unprecedented incident related to the plant.
  4. Before you have placed an order and the plant actually arrives, make sure you are ready with the pot and the soil where you would grow the plant. Kept in a sealed container, the plant is anyway deficient in the proper nutrients it requires, so you must try to plant it as soon as possible.
  5. Before you place the order make sure that you have got your basics about jade plant straight. You must at least have the basic knowledge about taking care of the jade plant and the other aspects of it too.
  6. Do your research regarding the best jade plant for you in accordance with the climatic condition of your area, and all the other factors. Also, make sure you choose the right kind of soil for your plant.
  7. Select the spot beforehand where you would want to store the plant so that you are not confused once the plant arrives.

Pros Of Buying The Jade Plant Online

  • It saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to physically go about looking for the best plant for you to purchase.
  • You can purchase the exquisite varieties of jade plants that are not available in your area. You could get them imported from other parts of the world too.
  • You get a lot of varieties to choose from and can compare the prices before you place the order.
  • You can go through the reviews and be aware of whether the plant is of good quality or not.

Cons Of Pros Of Buying The Jade Plant Online

  • It is a possibility that the jade plant you buy is not of the best quality and it might perish soon after you plant them.
  • Your order can get misplaced if you have not purchased from a trusted and reputed site.
  • You cannot seek guidance from the seller, as most of the time the sellers are the business holders who are not quite aware of the plant in detail.

How To Take Care Of The Jade Plant?

Now that you know where to buy jade plant and have splurged your heart out on huge jade plant for sale, it is imperative to learn how to take care of them. Learning to take care of the jade plant is very important for both amateur gardeners and professionals. 

Here are some of the basic tips that will help you to take proper care of the jade plant:

Water the jade plant properly

When caring for jade plants, one of the most important things to remember is to keep them well-watered. Never allow a jade plant to dry out. Also, don’t overwater a jade plant, as this might lead to the rotting of the root. You should not water your jade plant regularly. Water your jade plant only when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. When your jade plant loses leaves or develops leaf spots, it’s usually due to a lack of water.

Provide them with the optimum sunlight they require 

The amount of sunlight that jade plants receive is also a crucial part of their care and maintenance. At least four hours of sunlight is required by jade plants every day to develop properly. You must remember to project the young jade plants in indirect and moderate sunshine as they can’t take in excessive heat. The larger jade plants can tolerate more direct sunlight. Kitchens and workplaces with a south-facing window and western-facing windows are often wonderful spots with just enough light. Their growth may become stunted and leggy if they don’t get enough sun

Provide them with the proper they require to survive

At an optimum temperature of about 18° to 24°C, jade plants can grow properly. It also prefers slightly cooler temperatures at night and in the winter which would be around 13 degrees Celsius. If you keep your jade outside throughout the summer, make sure to bring it inside once the temperatures start to drop to roughly 50°F (10°C) in the autumn.

Fertilize your plant properly

To ensure that your jade plant is growing properly make sure you fertilize it frequently or once in six months. Use a water-soluble fertilizer that is balanced. It’s crucial to remember that you should water your jade plant normally first, then with fertilizer water. When the soil is dry, do not fertilize your jade plant, as this will harm the roots.

Buying succulents online is not an easy thing to do. You have to consider a lot of factors before you can finally place an order. However, if you go through the above-discussed points it might be easier for you to actually place the order. Also always go for trusted websites before you purchase the jade plant and if you are confused about any aspect, make sure you research it well. We hope after reading this article thoroughly, you now know where to buy Jade plant.


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